Polycrystalline Solar Panel India's top Solar PV modules manufacturer - Rayzon Solar
India's top Solar PV modules manufacturer – Rayzon Solar

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Rayzon Polycrystalline Solar Panel modules are passed through rigorous certification tests our in-house testing facilities enable us to assure the best quality as we can test modules according to IEC standards.

All our Poly-crystalline Solar Panels have been passed through

rigorous certification test operated by UL accreditation.

Product Features

  • Ultra-high Power Generation/ Efficiency 1
  • 100% Pre and Post EL Inspection 2
  • Enhanced Reliability 3
  • Lower LID / LETID4
  • High Compatibility 5
  • 6Optimized Temperature Coefficient
  • 7Lower Operating Temperature
  • 8 Optimized Degradation
  • 9Outstanding Low Light Performance
  • 10Exceptional PID Resistance


  • Street Lighting System
  • Home Lighting System
  • Solar agricultural pumping systems
  • Residential rooftop systems
  • Utility scale solar systems
  • Commerecial / Industrial System
  • BIPV (Building Integrated PV)

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