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We Manufactured the most

Quality Reliable Solar Panels

Our solar panels are composed of high-efficiency Poly / Mono Ctystalline Solar cells sourced from well-known manufacturers. Our colaborative work means our research and development process is twice as strong, resulting in smarter engineering, longer product lifespans, and the best in class performance.

It gives ultimate result in to

Quality, Reliability & Technology

A unique creation by the Experts, technological advanced processes, Qualified knowledge, and proven experience.
These are the constituents of advanced, high-quality solar panels.
We are professionals in our craftsmanship and know that every solar module we produce is an advocate of solar energy.

Every action is an

Opportunity to improve.

Product Quality that matters Most







A unique creation by

the Experts, technological advanced processes,

Qualified knowledge and proven experience.

Automation production process

to meet Manufacturing requirement

With our wide range of products creation, we have fully automated production facility equipped with robotics layup to automated framing which handle every size module. Module made from quality materials are always achieved through flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our production planning and motion control technology guarantees the shortest cycle times and the highest productivity.

Innovation with

Quality Assurance

Our key focus is to deliver outstanding quality while meeting highly customized demand for solar solutions. In order to meet European quality standards — we carefully inspect every product we manufacture with our in-house photovoltaics testing laboratory.
Standards we meet
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