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India's top Solar PV modules manufacturer – Rayzon Solar



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Solar Modules Bi-Facial PERC 10BB L’LIOS 540Wp - 550Wp

Our Bifacial modules are manufactured with the same stringent quality control as our Monofacial modules, by using Bifacial mono PERC solar cells and transparent back cover (back sheet or glass as per customer requirement). These modules absorb light from both front and backside, which enhances the power output from the module depending on the amount of reflected light from the ground (referred to as albedo). Our Bifaciality factor is close to 70% and the expected bifacial gain in case of concrete floor can be up to 15 % (depending on the site location and the plant design).

Our Panel certified are certified as per – UL- 61730, IECEE CB Scheme, IEC 61215, IEC 61730-1/2,

Our organization is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45000.

All our BiFacial Solar Panels have been passed through

rigorous certification test operated by UL accreditation.

Product Features

  • Ultra-high Power Generation/Efficiency 1
  • 100% Pre and Post EL Inspection 2
  • Enhanced Reliability 3
  • Lower LID / LETID4
  • High Compatibility 5
  • 6Optimized Temperature Coefficient
  • 7Lower Operating Temperature
  • 8 Optimized Degradation
  • 9Outstanding Low Light Performance
  • 10Exceptional PID Resistance


  • Street Lighting System
  • Home Lighting System
  • Solar agricultural pumping systems
  • Residential rooftop systems
  • Utility scale solar systems
  • Commerecial / Industrial System
  • BIPV (Building Integrated PV)

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