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India's top Solar PV modules manufacturer – Rayzon Solar

Large Scale Projects


Solar Project Development

Household, Government organisation, Corporates and businesses are recognizing the benefits of solar technol-
ogy around the world. At Rayzon Solar, we have become experts in the process of solar project development.
We made it our domain to provide renewable energy solutions to Commercial units who have heavy power
Rayzon Solar and its subsidiary company Better Energies offer 360-degree solution from Project consultation,
development and construction to financing and ongoing support for your solar energy systems.
There are multiple dimensions need to manage in any scale of solar projects which include site selection, an
environmental review, permitting, landowner agreements, financing options and construction requirements.
For larger projects, Indian government support to commercial and business houses under two major models in
which project owner, project developer and investor all together may avail benefits at their level of interest.

CAPEX Business Model

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Under the Solar Policy exposure, in India, most common business model for solar deployment is Capex mode. All the Capital expenditures are provided by the rooftop owner. In this model the conSumer purchases the solar system, by making 100% Of the payment upfront or financing the system, often through a bank. In Capex model the end consumer can own the asset and claim accelerated depreciation and save taxes.
> The ownership between project owner and project is Immediately established.
> Solution for those who have investible surplus capital.
> End consumer can claim Tax Benefit.
> Commercial units can get comparatively cheapest power cost.

RESCO Business Model

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Another model is Renewable Energy Services/Supply Company (RESCO). It is fusion model in which the rooftop owner and third party invests in the Solar PV plant. RESCO developer finances, installs, operates and maintains the rooftop solar power plant. The developer signs an agreement with the rooftop owner. The rooftop owners may consume the electricity generated, for which they have to pay a pre-decided tariff to RESCO developer on a monthly basis for the tenure Of the agreement.
> In this model, there is less capital intensive.
> Government provide support to setting up require permission to facilitate project.
> Operations, maintenance and repairs Of the Solar PV system shall be carried out by the company and invertor invest in project development.

Project Development & Integrated Approach

Financial partners

We arrange Investment facilities with local and international partners that understand our projects and mirror our culture

Quality Control

All projects are vetted by strict internal standards and third party technical expertise
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Risk Management

Through prudent project management we aim to eliminate all risk but also ensure that our operations are underwritten by industry recognized global insurance providers

Construction Standards

We construct our projects to a highly controlled quality standard using Tier equipment Depending on the project style. We may elect to perform the EPC within the group to utilize construction partners


Engineering and Design

Procurement & Logistics


Operations & Maintenance

World Wide Opretion and Maintanance Support