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About RAYZON Solar

Rayzon Solar is a young, dynamic, and experienced solar photovoltaic module manufacturer having 1.5GW state of the art facility in Vibrant state Gujarat, India. We had drawn our vision in 2014 in believing that our customers, partners, and communities should use sun-rays in a simplified way to make their future more vibrant and sustainable. To cope with this essential, Rayzon Solar, established in 2016, has ventured on a strategic plan to build its business in solar energy. Since the inception, the company has delivered the trust by making highly reliable photovoltaic modules for various domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.

Rayzon Solar is an internationally renowned leading solar energy cost-effective befitting solutions provider having core competency in high-efficiency PV module manufacturing and providing wide range EPC solutions. Rayzon Solar has developed, engineered, financed, constructed, and currently operates many of the largest grid-connected PV power plants. Also, we have contributed to the Government administered Solar Power Project in rooftop and in a commercial setup. Our experience across the solar value chain reduces risk while delivering more reliable, dependable, and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Wide Range of Solar Solution


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Corporate Culture

that Shapes our Footprint

As a leading manufacturer Of PV module and smart energy solution, Rayzon delivers world class solar PV products, applications, and services to promote global sustainable development…


We Manufacture the most

Quality and Reliable

Solar Panel

A unique creation by the Experts, technological advanced processes, Qualified knowledge, and proven experience…
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Trunkey Projects

Solar EPC &

End to End Solution

Better Energies is our service subsidiary who handle the EPC projects on behalf Of RAYZON Solar. Their responsibility is to ensure your project develops and operates at full potential in cost and resource efficient conditions and then go the extra mile, bringing you solutions that reflect the commitment and passion you invest in your business…


Solar Project Development

& Integrated Approach

At Rayzon Solar, we have become experts in the process Of solar project development. We made it our domain to provide renewable energy solutions to Commercial units who have heavy power requirement users…
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Solar panel manufactured with

Reliable and Certified Technology

mono-crystalline Solar Panels
Poly-crystalline Solar Panels

Mono and Poly-crystalline

Solar PV Modules up to 400Wp

Solar Craftsmanship and Dedication to Quality


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